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Company Profile

Morocco Line Cinema is a Moroccan-German film-art production company, headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, which provide technical advice and services, in addition to the academic part of the company, which is concerned with organizing and providing training courses, masterclass in the film industry, and organizing casting, discovering talent, developing their capabilities, and participating in art work projects, with global trends.


Company Tasks

- Production, directing, and implementation of film and artwork projects.

- Establishing partnerships in film and television production.

- Organizing casting, selecting and training characters.

- Organizing and covering events, art projects activities and international film festivals.

- Hold and organize training, workshops, and masterclass in film industry.

- Dubbing process.

- Providing technical consultations, and services, for film and television works, for all stages of production, from scenario development, casting selection, team work, photography, cinematography, post production (editing, color correction, graphics), and screening at international film festivals.

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