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Nawzad Shekhany is an internationally renowned German Director, and Producer, Iraqi origin. He is an awards winners like “Jean Luc Godard Award”, Golden Fox Award, Alexandria Film Festival Award, and Hollywood IMPFF Award.

One of his major works with international recognition was "The Black Massacre", this research-intensive work was even entered as an important contemporary document in the communications register of the International Criminal Court, The Hague. Shekhany has also made a name for himself with numerous film and art projects. An outstanding example is the "Shingal Symphony", which he developed, directed and co-produced.


Recently he produced and directed the feature film "Toren", which won 46 Awards in international film festivals, and was nominated for the Academy Awards “Oscars” 2020 in the name of the Republic of Iraq. Shekhany was also honored in Baghdad with the Iraqi Cinema Shield.


Shekhany chaired several juries also as a member to nominate best winning films in many international film festivals. He also conveyed his professional experience as a lecturer for workshops and masterclasses in film directing and creativity in making feature films at international film festivals, and in universities.


In view of the distinction made by the director Nawzad Shekhany through his works, he was honored in many international festivals, and by various institutions, cultural, and artistic centers.

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