Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival


We announce that the feature film Toren had its world premiere at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival on 3 May 2018, where it won "Best foreign Feature" and "Best Cinematography".


All winners have been invited to the awards ceremony on 26 January 2019 at Raleigh Studios, located in Hollywood, in a complex of major film studios such as Paramount Pictures. "The Silent Child" Drama Short, which won the Oscar 2018, began from the festival.

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival


The international premiere was at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in India on 26 August 2018, where it won Best Film on Religion, Outstanding Achievement (Director), Outstanding Achievement (Feature Film). The film was nominated for the prestigious Golden Fox Awards 2019, , where it won the Award at the annual live screening gala of CICFF, on 16thJanuary, 2019 at Rotary Sadan, in Calcutta.

Jean Luc Godard Award


Dear JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD WINNER,   As Godard rightly says, “You don't make a movie, the movie makes you”, yes, you have finally made it, in spite of all odds that came to your way.   Cult Critic’s JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD is not merely an award; it’s the recognition that you are the most prolific artist of the recent time. It's a message that the spirit of the independent film is still alive.   Hundreds of filmmakers, artists, and critics from all across the world attended the event. Please know that your work has been truly appreciated by all the audience and critics.


Best Regards,

Aindrila Chatterjee

Deputy Director - Cult Critic Movie Awards

An Official member of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York

Global Music Award


Soundtrack of the movie Toren Directed and Produced by Nawzad Shekhany won Global Music Award in California on 4 October, 2018.

Golden Fox Award 2019

At the end of the competition on the Golden Fox Awards 2019 sponsored by the Kolkata International Film Festival in India, the feature film Toren directed and produced by Nawzad Shekhany won Golden Fox Award 2019 for best film on religion. The screening and nominations for the Golden Fox Awards were long and complex and lasted for about half a year until they were finally decided to list 10 feature films on the shortlist represented America, Spain, India, Germany, the Dominican Republic, China and Russia. Golden Fox Award 2019 is a great achievement we are proud of.

IndieFest Film Festival

Dear Nawzad: 
On behalf of our entire staff and panel of judges, I am pleased to inform you that you have won an IndieFEST Film Award! 

Nawzad Shekhany (Germany), TOREN 
Award of Merit: Film Feature    
Winning an IndieFEST is something you can be proud of!  Judges base their decisions on the quality and creativity of each piece and winning means the craft and skill exhibited by your entry is outstanding and stands above other productions.  
Congratulations and thank you for your participation in The IndieFEST Film Awards. We look forward to seeing more work from you in the future and wish you all the best!


Best wishes,  
Rick Prickett Competition Director 

San Diego, CA. USA

International Arab Film Festival of Meknes


The film had Arab and Africa premiere at International Arab Film Festival of Meknes in Morocco on 20 July 2019, where it won Grand Prize Award.

Brazil International Film Festival

The film had Latin America premiere at Brazil International Film Festival in Rio De Janeiro on 24 August 2018, where it won Best Feature Film Award.

Alexandria Film Festival


The film had the Middle East premiere at Alexandria Film Festival in Egypt on 13 October 2019, where it won Best Director Award.

Iraqi Cinema Day

The film had national premiere at the National Theater in Baghdad, Iraq on 25 December 2018, where the Director and producer Nawzad Shekhany crowned with the Iraqi Cinema Shield (Winged Bull).

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